Supporting the young people of Mozambique to enable them to make a sustainable living and support their communities


Registered Charity Number 1154635


We do


Our mission is to advance the education, training and life skills of the young people of Mozambique to enable them to make a sustainable living and provide active support within their communities.

This is achieved by the provision of suitable premises and equipment to enable the State of Mozambique Educators to achieve their task. The fund also assists the poorest students to access these facilities.

The welfare and safety of the young people of Mozambique is a primary consideration of this charity in all its activities. 


Providing Suitable Premises & Equipment

At Vila Maninga we have been supporting the upgrade of existing buildings to house a technical school with on site accommodation for students and teachers.


Currently this project is suspended until the political situation improves. We are monitoring the situation and patiently waiting to see whether it will be possible to restart the school project.


Assisting the poorest to access education

Without money for yearly school fees, exam fees, school books, school uniforms and bags for books, the poorest are prevented from accessing education.


TMEF assists in the purchase of basic necessities to support learning and training as well as transport to enable the students to reach the schools.

Making Welfare & Safety our primary concern

Our funding extends to hospital fees and malaria medication for students as well as sports equipment to ensure that the students are able to remain fit and healthy.

We also encourage mentoring of the younger or less able students by overseers and others to assist them in their studies.


If you have an idea for an event or would like to fundraise on our behalf, we'd love to hear from you!

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