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Supporting the young people of Mozambique to enable them to make a sustainable living and support their communities


Registered Charity Number 1154635


The Thomas Marshall Education Fund


The Charity’s objects are to advance the education and training of young people living in rural Mozambique through the provision of grants and services to enable them to make a sustainable living and provide active support within their communities.


The trustees of the Charity and a group of generous donors and volunteers organise fundraising events during the year to help to achieve the objects of the charity by the provision of funding to assist in the purchase of basic necessities to support learning and training as well as transport to enable the students to reach the schools. The fund also assists the poorest students to access these facilities.


Our thoughts are constantly with the young people who are in Mozambique where political troubles in the Cabo Delgado region in the north of the country are regularly reported. Fortunately we made a decision when we set up the charity to concentrate our efforts on the southern part of the country.


A Portuguese colony until 1975, Mozambique developed as two separate entities divided by the Zambezi river.


The north relied on agriculture and, along the coast, was influenced by Swahili culture. Now it is also the location of gas projects worth more than sixty billion dollars. The south depended on South Africa and the gold trade.


Many in Maputo, in the south, have little grasp of what life is like in the troubled, poorer northern provinces. Mozambique’s capital is about 1,700km from Pemba, the capital of Cabo Delgado - farther than London is from Lisbon.

At the Thomas Marshall Education Fund we are constantly looking for ways to generate much needed funding for improving the future of young people in Mozambique during these strange and challenging times.


Despite the restrictions during the Covid pandemic, our LockdownT4Thomas in June 2020 was a tremendous success and we continue to organise events during the year and details on these are published on the EVENTS page of this website.


However, there are other ways in which supporters are helping us raise funds. Our arrangement with People’s Fundraising provides an online platform for donating directly to the fund with Gift Aid being automatically recovered.


An increase in the popularity of online shopping has also helped to provide funds through Give as you Live, a free and easy way to raise funds for Thomas Marshall Education Fund, simply by shopping online. 


Please take a little time and navigate through our website to learn about the background to the Charity, how we raise funds and how those funds help to improve the lives of young people in Mozambique.


Donate online or set up a Direct Debit via People's Fundraising


It's quick, easy and we can reclaim Gift Aid on any donations you make


If you have an idea for an event or would like to fundraise on our behalf, we'd love to hear from you!

We can provide advertising materials, help with online media and practical advice for you.

A free and easy way

to raise funds

for Thomas Marshall

Education Fund

at no cost to you

by shopping online

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