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Supporting the young people of Mozambique to enable them to make a sustainable living and support their communities


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Spotlight on Lucinda




Granny Maunze

Lucinda attended secondary school in Maninca Province.


She and her younger sister Rosa, two lovely girls, have lived with their granny Maunze since they were abandoned by their parents.


Sadly, this is a common experience in Mozambique and many young people are in the care of elderly relatives. There are many like Lucinda and Rosa, who rely on granny Maunze for their daily living and upkeep.

Here Lucinda is cutting up a wild leaf collected from the bush to cook as a relish. A common practice, but the weed is only prolific in the rainy season, when children are sent out to harvest it. Often pumpkin leaves are also cooked which are delicious. The younger leaves are picked, and then the fibre is "pulled" off the stem, very much like cleaning string beans.



Lucinda's school in Manica Province is 20km from her home in Inhambane. TMEF contributed to her boarding fees which meant she could save her energy for studying rather than be exhausted by a 20km walk to and from school each day.


There are not many options for children once they leave secondary school other than becoming a house worker in a rich family's home and often they have to go to another town to find employment. TMEF has been helping to fund the building of a Technical School which will enable local youngsters to acquire skills when they graduate, skills which can help them earn a sustainable living in their own community. This project is currently on hold until the local political position stabilises.

Introducing some of our friends in Mozambique


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